A full webinar service for creating an accredited CPD such as CPE, CME, CMTE, etc. Our service covers from the very first step as finding the right topic with the right speaker/moderator, requesting a CPD proposal, promoting an event, setting up an exam session upon your request, as well as reporting the performance data for analytics. Simplify these complex challenges and approach your target audiences with us.

Let our experienced HCPs team helps you accomplish your on-demand webinar


Planning and selecting the right topic for both accredited webinars and academic articles.


Providing a CPD certification service to support, advise, and propose CPD accreditation, including to submit a participants’ list to the responsible council.


webinar & live streaming

  • Create an effective online registration form and manage such registration system via our platform to drive a better data collection, as well as diminish equipment usage, costs and manpower. (For more information, please refer to DIGITAL SOLUTIONS)
  • Support all sizes and forms of events for both public and private contexts.
  • Enhance the webinar engagement by live streaming on our various social media channels.
  • Contact the right speakers and moderator who fit the topic.

Building a virtual meeting hall to enhance perception and exclusive experience for your company.

(For more information,please refer to DIGITAL SOLUTIONS)

Campaign planning
  • Promoting CPD Webinars on MLT Platform
  1. MLT application and website
  2. MLT social medias (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  3. Push notification and offer appealing benefits
  • Engaging HCPs with the right topic
  1. Create outstanding medical and healthcare contents which are best for your business.
  • Providing the report and analytics information for marketing value. (all under Personal Data Protection Act)
  1. Average attendance time
  2. Basic geographics
  3. Participants’ specialities/occupations
  4. etc.
  • CPD rerun
  1. Keep your webinar active on MLT platform and allow customers to access the event within your preferable period of time.

Communication with HCPs

Connecting with HCPs to raise up your brand recognition

Place your confidence in our healthcare professionals team who believe in the power of both proactive and reactive marketing strategies. Projecting your idea right to HCPs audiences in our platform which include DOCTORS, PHARMACISTS, NURSES, DENTISTS,MEDICAL TECHNOLOGISTS,PHYSICAL THERAPISTS and NUTRITIONISTS

Get the borderless communication started here and now with MLT

Simply straightforwardly transfer your message to appeal your products to HCPs through our advertising service and survey with MLT Platfrom

Ads Position

Let HCPs read MLT articles describing about your products, it is Advertorial

  • Ingeniously convey your stories by immersing them in our advertorial service
  1. Various tools are now available for you to display your notice such as press releases, journals, leaflets, infographics, videos etc. (refer to VDO PRODUCTION)
  • Our HCPs team will be involved in the entire process from the beginning until the end product is achieved, to ensure content accuracy and review the content as per their HCPs aspect.
  • Our service offers a wide variety of choices to promote your Ads straightly and directly to HCPs audiences
  1. MLT platform, i.e., website and application
  2. MLT social mededia channels

Drive your business with data-based approach by researching what HCPs thinking

  • Create an assessment survey to integrate audience preference, trend, lifestyle as well as post-event feedback for analyzing audiences’ tendency. This data-based consulting service offers you the ideal insight information to reflect your product.
  • The survey offers both quantitative and qualitative data.
  1. Customize your own parameters to get an effective action plan.
  2. Obtain feedback from your audiences and figure the effective way to meet their needs.
  • Discover the right marketing approach through actual data and advanced analytics.





Experience an effective, innovative and impressive online attendance

from our award-winning team

Tailor-made digital services that will complete your project from rough ideas until the launching. Our HCPs team works closely with developers and designers to convey your concept and users' needs. The service ranges from a full development, partly updating, or specific functional addition. Our developer team aims to deliver cutting-edge technology, intelligent algorithms, and modern UI/UX that provide extraordinary users’ experience.

Remarkable application and website that will diversify your services into different stage

Develop a website and mobile application that support healthcare industry

  • Construct your own unique digital solutions to lift up your brand value.
  • Our service also includes prototyping, wireframes, landing page designation, along with post-delivery maintenance and problem consultation.
  • Potentially promote the content via our platforms.

Impress your audience with augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies

  • AR/VR application counseling service
  1. Build up the virtual meeting rooms, games, medical device demonstration, conferences, or interactive kiosks that fit your requirements.

The winner of the “SCALING HEALTHCARE THROUGH INNOVATION” program from a startup pitching contest to improve asthma care


One stop service that will shape up and transfer our whole story right to audiences

Our full-service production covers video creation, photography, post-production services and animation. This service will visualize your message and create a clear image to your audiences.

Experience an effective, innovative and impressive online attendance from our award-winning team

Complete the entire video production in one place

  • Video for marketing purpose
  1. Advertisement to lower unexpected risks (refer to COMMUNICATION with HCPs)
  2. Easy to catch attention and easy for viewer’s understanding
  3. Compose a storyboard with optimal mood and tone to attract audiences’ attention and harmonize with their preference or expectation.
  4. Achieve your goals by fulfilling audiences’ needs.
  • Offer all types of videos as requested
  1. Product presentation, how-to/tutorial, interview and company overview videos

Apart from full video production, we also provide video editing and animation services

  • Offer a wide range of post-production services
  • Voice over service for Thai, Japanese, English, Chinese and so on.
  • Create a motion graphic and 2D/3D animation


Converse your thought directly to audiences over a content by our HCPs writers

Achieve your desired editorials with solid content that will point out your objective in terms of wording and layout design. We are pleased to hand our skills in voicing your tone and highlighting your awareness in the market. Our writers aim to considerably declare your goal to the Target and build a recognition upon your brand image.

Maximize the value of your content with our determined services

Discover an impressive content developed by our experienced team.

  • There are various formats available.
  1. For instance, symposium highlights, social media posts, landing pages, infographics, email marketing, press releases and blogs.
  • Potentially promote the content via our platforms.
  1. Boost your brand awareness and engage more healthcare population.
  2. Promote your own contents by using our experienced strategies, such as pay-per-click, or promote them across MLT platforms (refer to COMMUNICATION with HCPs).

Reader-friendly articles summarized by healthcare professionals

  • Summarize long-form content, such as, journals, press releases or reviews, for an infographic or other types of articles which is easier and clearer for the Target to consume. (refer to CREATIVE DESIGN)

Medical translation services by HCPs team

  • The service is available for Thai, English, Japanese, Chinese and Burmese.
  • The translation can be done on every form of medical content.
  1. Physician manuals, clinical protocols/clinical protocal synopsis, patient information leaflets, study drug labels and drug inserts


Publish an outstanding work with our full-spectrum designing concepts

Let the admirable graphics helps you to improve Target engagement. Our graphic designing team experiences in composing creative designs for many leading pharmaceutical companies as well as medical organizations. We use the most modern data, tools, and technologies to illustrate artsy visuals.

Inspire your brand with MLT graphic design services

Get started with our customizable designs

  • Infographic concepts
  1. Shorten difficult contents into coherent phrases and presented as images, charts or minimal texts. You can also maximize the use of your content with this service.
  • Animate the content to improve attractiveness
  1. Pioneer an animation to bring your product to light.
  • Advertising the key visual along with your key message
  1. Design an optimal key visual to promote projects, campaigns, events and awards. (refer to COMMUNICATION with HCPs)
  • Art Design
  1. Design a mascot character to represent your context.
  2. Offer a wide range of designing formats to cover every marketing approach, such as posters, catalogs, Brochure, roll ups, pull ups, flip charts, tear sheets, artwork for social media post, etc.

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