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Partnerships & Reliability

  • Since 1968, Medical tribune has been providing the latest medical and healthcare information to Japanese medical professionals. MLT is the only application in Thailand in a signed contract with “Medical Tribune”
  • The No.1 and largest Japanese medical news source.
  • 120,000 registered subscribers (as of Oct 2019)

Medical Tribune (Japanese edition) was first published in 1968 as the international medical newspaper, which was the first medical information magazine in Japan. Currently, we deliver a paper magazine with full of medical and treatment trends twice a month to 80,000 readers. In 2007, in response to the demands changing over time, we launched the Medical Tribune’s website to keep everyone update with the latest medical information. There are over 130,000 members that are doctors using our website.

In order to develop media operations management, we, the Medical Tribune’s editorial department, are working hard to gather information by interviewing nearly 100 medical associations in Japan and overseas each year and checking all articles every day. We also try our best to disseminate in-depth information by collecting and writing requests to medical specialists who are in the leading position in each specialized field and front-line researchers

By reading Medical Tribune’s articles through Medical Leaders Thailand, all members will be able to know the upcoming medical treatment. To all medical personnel in Thailand, please be sure to catch up with this great opportunity.

Senior Editorial Director / Corporate Executive Officer,
Naoki Hirata